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Proposed Leslieville Mural
Proposed Leslieville Mural

In the summer of 2016, after 14 months of planning, the Leslieville Mural at the landmark corner of Queen & Jones was complete. The mural was designed and painted by renowned Toronto Grafitti Muralist Elicser Elliot.

The mural theme “In days of yore, on Leslieville shore, put down your phone and daydream under a Maple Tree” pays homage to the past, present and future of Leslieville by depicting a typical Leslievillian, contemplating the future, while resting under a giant maple tree. The Ralph Thornton Centre in conjunction with Ward 30 Councillor Fletcher’s office worked along with the Leslieville BIA, Leslieville Historical Society and community members to identify an artist and mural theme that embodied Leslieville.


Many thanks to Joanne Doucette ​for her contributions to the history of Leslieville. Joanne​ i​​s a storyteller and local historian and human rights activist. Her new book, Leslieville, was self-published June 2016. She is innovating as an on-line historian and posts on the Leslieville Historical Society Facebook page, the Ashbridges Neighbourhood, Coxwell-Gerrard and Metis Nation of Ontario Facebook pages as well as her own website

Queen & Jones, the entrance to Leslie Grove - a ​small park​ ​​in ​Toronto's​ East End? No mysteries, nothing much to say? But, if you listen the leaves of the ancient trees whisper, “We have secrets. We have stories. Wonder about the past and make the future wonderful.”

Below are descriptions of significant historical events and happenings at Queen & Jones. Please click on the topic sentence to learn more.

Elicser Elliott Artist

Elicser Elliott
Jabari “Elicser" Elliott

Elicser Elliott explores narrative structures, new surfaces, and new sensations, through the lens of more than a decade spent in the global street art community. Elicser Elliott leads the charge in the character-based movement in Toronto. Known for his intuitive ability to capture the essence of a subject, his work intimately frames subjects from children on the street to homages to the late great Michael Jackson and J-Dilla. The work of Elicser is highly visible in major cities across Canada, Central + South America and South Africa. Elicser is one of Toronto’s favourite graffiti writers and has been voted by NOW magazine as the “Best Local Graffiti Artist” for 2014, 2013, 2012 + 2011. He is recognized as Canada’s leading aerosol artist by Who’s Who in Black Canada. He has exhibited in both the ROM and AGO and participated in mural festivals in Honolulu (Pow! Wow! Hawaii) and Rochester, NY (Wall Therapy).

Artist CV


We sincerely thank the Community Partners who helped make the 2016 installation of the Leslieville Mural at the North East corner of Queen & Jones a reality. For over 150 years this location had been helping identify Leslieville.

In January 2016, with the historic brick building at this landmark corner in need of repair and the building owner was keen to continue the community tradition and incorporate the Leslieville identity in the building's restoration.

This set in motion the following steps:

The Winning Leslieville Mural Concept:

The committee then set up a work plan to restore the wall, paint the mural, and share this achievement with the community.

We are pleased to recognize the generous contributions from the businesses, organization and individuals listed below:

Ralph Thornton Centre

The Ralph Thornton Centre is where neighbours meet, events are celebrated, programs are enjoyed and support is exchanged.

Located in the iconic former Postal Station “G”, we were established by the City of Toronto in 1979 as a multiservice organization operated by an independent Board of Management. Named after prominent Riverdale activist Ralph Thornton, we are carrying forward his legacy of community building and engagement. We develop programs, nourish culture, and empower citizen action. We work with agencies, individuals, and groups to build the capacity of a caring, healthy, and vibrant community. We are committed to sharing information with individuals and groups, connecting them to resources to support community members – particularly amongthe marginalized – in participating in and contributing.

The Ralph Thornton Centre offers a wide range of programming, independently, in partnership with other agencies, and through providing space and support to a wide range of non-profit organizations.

Twitter: @ralphthornton

Leslieville BIA

Leslieville Business Improvement Area is located along Queen Street East between Empire and Vancouver Avenues. Minutes to the downtown core yet just far enough away to feel like a whole new world. Mention Leslieville to a Torontonian and they’ll likely tell you about that excellent restaurant they went to or that great furniture store they got their favourite piece from.

Leslieville has a rich history dating back to the 1800s when Leslieville was home to George Leslie - hence the name Leslieville - owner of "The Toronto Nurseries" which by 1870 had grown to become Canada’s largest business of its kind.

Since then, the area has grown and even changed a little but is still host to many fantastic green spaces including many fun off-leash dog parks, some of the finest dining in the city and unique shops along the busy Queen Street strip. Leslieville is becoming known for energetic nightlife with the addition of a few interesting spots to visit.

In addition to the wonderful bricks and mortar operations, Leslieville is also home to thousands of energetic entrepreneurs mostly utilizing the live/work spaces along Carlaw Avenue just outside of the BIA's boundaries. As one of the city’s most socially connected and engaged neighbourhoods, people can stay connected through various social networks.

Twitter: @LeslievilleBIA
Instagram: @leslieville_bia

Michael Gordon Restoration

Michael Gordon has been restoring properties for over ten years and is a certified Jahn Mortar installer. Michael is a proud member of the Leslieville BIA, with his office located at 1180 Queen St E. Although he restores all types of properties, Mike's true passion is for old Victorian, historical homes. Michael is proud to be a sponsor of the Leslieville Mural Project. For more information;


StreetARToronto (StART) is a proactive approach to both eliminating graffiti vandalism and supporting street art that adds character and visual interest to city streets. It is a public/private partnership program launched in 2012 as a central feature of the City's Graffiti Management Plan. Initiated as part of the Community Partnership and Investment Program (CPIP), StART is administered by the Transportation Services, Public Realm Section, which is also responsible for coordinating and implementing all non-enforcement related components of the Graffiti Management Plan.

StART engages and links residents, community groups, artists and arts organizations with each other as well as with City staff and Councillors. StART projects enhance the appearance of Toronto's streetscape by removing unsightly graffiti vandalism and posters and replacing them with attractive street art murals. This progressive approach improves quality of place by beautifying the public realm, increases the sense of belonging and personal safety within communities and makes active transportation more appealing. Street art installations have also become tourist attractions and an increasing number of Toronto based street artists are receiving national and international recognition for their work. In addition to showcasing the talent and art work of experienced street artists, the installation process also provides mentorship and skills development opportunities for emerging artists and youth.


No matter where you are in the world or what surfaces you're coating, Sherwin-Williams provides innovative solutions that ensure your success. Jody Whitworth, Branch Manager of the Sherwin-williams Canada Inc., location at 24 Carlaw in Leslieville s delighted to be part of the iconic Leslieville Mural. Sherwin Williams, like Leslieville has a rich heritage and the year 2016 is a unique moment in the history of Sherwin-Williams — it’s their 150th anniversary. With their sponsorship of the Leslieville Mural, they are proud to honor founders Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, and the thousands of men and women who have shaped Sherwin Williams since 1866.

Joanne Doucette

Storyteller, local historian and human rights activist. Her new book, Leslieville, was self-published Jun 2016. She is innovating as an on-line historian and posts on the Leslieville Historical Society Facebook page, the Ashbridges Neighbourhood, Coxwell-Gerrard and Metis Nation of Ontario Facebook pages as well as her own website and on Facebook.

Wipeout Specialty Cleaning Inc.

It's not clean unless it's Wipeout Clean! Paul Maynard, president of Wipeout Specialty Cleaning has come on board with to help with regular maintenance of the Leslieville Mural. At Wipeout Clean, they provide the best possible cleaning experience using the best available cleaners that are industry proven and bio friendly. Paul and his team are looking forward to going the extra mile to keep the Leslieville Mural looking as good as new.

Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher

Paula Fletcher has served Toronto-Danforth first as a School Board Trustee, and was elected as our City Councillor in 2003.

Toronto-Danforth residents can count on Paula to be a strong voice at City Hall. Paula has worked with Mayor Tory to ensure future transit plans include three new subway stops in Ward 30. As Chair of the Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Board, Paula is proud to support one of our City's largest growing industries.

Paula has overseen the transformation of the Carlaw & Dundas corridor, she has brought forward numerous parks improvements including the installation of the city's first covered outdoor rink in Greenwood Park. With the 2017 opening of Crow's Theatre, Paula has been instrumental in bringing the first professional arts facility east of the Don River to Leslieville. When the Red Door shelter was threatened with closure, Paula led the fight to save the family shelter.

Paula works with residents, business owners, and community agencies, as well as across levels of government to build vibrant healthy neighbourhoods.

Maissan Inc.

Chris Maissan is a web developer with over 15 years of experience and has been working out of his Leslieville office at Queen and Logan for the past 5.

Twitter: @ChrisMaissan

Matt and Ben

The Matt and Ben Team at Re/Max Hallmark are an experienced and connected group of real estate professionals dedicated to helping you purchase or sell your home. They are a top producing team at their Leslieville/Riverside office. They are well known for their impressive year by year sales record, for their close connection to Toronto's music and artistic communities and for their strong contributions and volunteer work with numerous charitable organizations and were eager to be able to contribute to the Leslieville community with their sponsorship of the Leslieville mural.

Phone: (416) 465-7850
Twitter: @torontoben

Special Thanks

Catherine Campbell, Susan Serran and Erica Woods whose leadership and efforts with the City were essential to the success of this project.

The Leslieville Mural Community Team: Kathryn Adams, Catherine Campbell, John Campey, Brad Daniels, Andrew Elia, Glenn Gustafson, Shiralee Hudson, Perry Lupyrypa, Maria Moustatsos, Cathy Quinton.



Leslieville Mural

North East corner of Queen Street East at Jones Avenue

Ralph Thornton Centre

765 Queen Street East
Toronto ON M4M 1H3
Phone: (416) 392-6810

Thanks to our community partners, donors and sponsors